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The Future of Work Called

What message did it leave?

“No more meetings, I promise. Please come back.” • • • “Help! The robots have turned on us!” • • • “Don’t be a worker, be an owner.”

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Should 90% of Our Leaders Be Women?

How stupid is business? Apparently, very.

And I’ve come to the conclusion that one of the biggest things holding us back is leaders who look like me — late-40s-plus white males. (Full disclosure: I am well past late 40s!) And the one thing that will unleash the greatest revolution in human capacity, ever…is a LOT more women leaders.

Your Smarter Future: Four Very Wicked Truths

The future can be tough and tricky…
Master these four and it will be a lot easier!

For almost three decades I have been studying how work gets done, and how
it will get done.

I have never been more optimistic and more concerned than I am right now.
Two epic forces swirl in and out of each other, dancing with and teasing each
other. Each one aids the other, taunts the other…

Massive daily disruptions in most everything at work and in life are creating
amazing opportunities for anyone with a dream and willing to work hard.

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Failing Forward: Five Very Difficult Truths

Most common challenge for most leaders: We have met the enemy and he is us.

So, I’m doing a webinar on
How to Lead, Work and
Manage in a Disruptive
About 50 attendees.
All senior executives from all
around the globe, most
reporting directly into the

As I’m discussing the need to
speak up, ask tough questions
and be willing to fail forward,

one of the executives asks
“How do we get the CEO and
his team to accept this? Can
we change them from the
bottom up?”

I’m thinking (but didn’t say):
“Really? You got to this point
in your career and in your
company and you’re STILL

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Have You Pushed Far Enough?

“We are capable of so much more than we think we are.”

That’s Roz Savage, the first
woman to row, solo, across
three oceans — Atlantic, Pacific and Indian.
“At first, I was very materialistic.

I went into management consulting in an era when greed was good and lunch was for wimps. I thought that was what I wanted, that that would make me happy.

“What really brought it home to me was that I wasn’t on the right path was when I wrote two versions of my own obituary. I imagined I was at the end of my life, looking back. The first version was the one that I wanted and the second one was where I was headed for. I wanted a life of meaning and adventure and

CATEGORIES: Working Smarter, Future of Work

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