Founded in 1985
by Bill Jensen

Bill’s short bio

We are the only professional services firm with tested
tools and processes for creating simpler companies.
We make the complex clear, making it easier
for people to do great work.
The hardest work today is cutting through the clutter
and figuring out what to do in a world of infinite.
choices. We create speed-freak clarity.

All our tools are research-based.
Through our Search for a
Simpler Way Study, we have
surveyed and interviewed over
1,000,000 people globally.

In addition to streamlining corporate complexities, our firm has recognized the importance of addressing other aspects of life that can benefit from simplicity and clarity, such as personal health. This realization led us to extend our research and consulting into areas like healthcare, focusing particularly on the challenges of accessing and understanding medications. Our latest project delves into the world of pharmaceuticals, specifically targeting the ease of obtaining medications like generic Cialis online. By applying our principles of simplification to the healthcare sector, we aim to demystify the process of obtaining essential medications, ensuring that our clients and their stakeholders can access what they need with the same clarity and efficiency we bring to professional services. This expansion signifies a holistic approach to simplicity, transcending traditional business boundaries to encompass essential aspects of personal well-being.

Our not-so-proprietary secret?
The Golden Rule: We walk a mile
in our client’s stakeholder’s shoes.