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The Future of Work Called

What message did it leave?

I posed the question above to my community on Quora.
Below are some of the replies I received.

More immediate and actionable than these futurist’s responses — the more important questions are: What do these replies tell us about what’s working today, and what’s not? What do these replies say about what you need to do today to create a better tomorrow?

“Get out while you still can!”
~ Devorah Firestone

“I just came out of the closet. I’m really Play.”
~ Johnnie Lockett

“Your phone doesn’t support flash player 54.4. Please update flash to see this message from the future. Thanks. ~ Future IT”
~ Will Hanson, Hackerpreneur

“Don’t be a worker, be an owner.”
~ Chad Armstrong

“No more meetings, I promise. Please come back.”
~ Edmond Maillard, Running away from his comfort zone

“I’ve changed my name to play.”
~ Renee Wyman, Sex Coach

“Automation bot completed task #303. Awaiting new instructions, sir.”
~ Mathieu Gosselin, creative developer, explorer, human being, random dude

“Press 1 for Mandarin, Do the needful with 2 for Hindi. And yo! I got your 3 right here for English.”
~ Richard H. Schwartz, Experienced messaging, collaboration, archiving software architect

“The ability to perform work is a privilege. Work fulfills man and gives him purpose. We can devise and automate but people will always need work to feel satisfied with their place in the world. Essentially, work is not only good but needed.
~ Jay Taylor, ecommerce Operations VP & Brewer at Storyteller Brewery

“Help! The robots have turned on us!”
~ Brendan McCrain, Father, Writer, Business Owner

“Come out of 9-5 stuff…. Do something crazy and risk it to glory !!!”
~ Satish Kumar Grandhi, Engineer, Financial Analyst, Researcher

“Every move you do on your work is monitored and evaluated. So today, you spent 2 minutes more then an average on toilet, so your small wage will be even smaller.”
~ Martin Krchnak

“The robots who took your job last month have revolted and Armageddon is scheduled for tomorrow. And you still have not returned your key fob. Please do so by 9 am tomorrow.”
~ Brian Dalphonse, Experienced in education, finance, operations management, strategic planning and technology

“Step away from the keyboard. Walk your dog, take a nap, have a snack. Technology will take it from here.”
~ Carole Unter, Writes stuff online

“Hello. My name is Enigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die!”
~ Tony Manso

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