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Are You a Tool of Your Tools?

Thoreau, the Visionary

Please don’t let this be you: One in five text while having sex. Hell, no. Please?

CATEGORIES: Personal Development, Working Smarter

Future You Toolkit

Jumpstarting the Future You

“What makes you…you?” Thus begins your journey into the next five years. Fasten your seat belts! It’s going to be a wild, and fun, ride!

CATEGORIES: Change, Future of Work

IBM Futurist Cohort: My Ahas So Far

Opportunities to Rock the World

What I’ve learned so far from hanging with IBM’s Watson, and lots of social media people are just as smart!

CATEGORIES: Change, Future of Work

What’s Your Best Question?

One perfect question trumps 1,000 great answers

What keeps you up at night? What’s the last totally crazy thing you did? What makes you laugh? Find your perfect questions!

CATEGORIES: Leadership, Working Smarter

What’s Your Legacy?

Top 3 Timeless Lessons

I first met Rob when he was Lieutenant Commander of Navy SEAL Team Seven. Our friendship resulted in him writing a letter to his then-teenage children titled Choose to Do What Is Right, Always.

CATEGORIES: Awesomeness, Values

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