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Should 90% of Our Leaders Be Women?

How stupid is business? Apparently, very.

I have just spent the past year studying the future of work. And I’ve come to the conclusion that one of the biggest things holding us back is leaders who look like me — late-40s-plus white males. (Full disclosure: I am well past late 40s!) And the one thing that will unleash the greatest revolution in human capacity, ever…is a LOT more women leaders.

Some other people’s research…

Zenger Folkman: Women scored better than men in 36 of 49 different leadership qualities, including: Takes Initiative, Practices Self-Development, Displays Integrity and Honesty, and Develops Others.

Caliper: Women leaders are more persuasive… A lot more inclusive, and more collaborative… More likely to ignore rules and take risks.

Psychology Today (citing multiple sources): Women leaders are consistently better at inspiration, participatory decision-making, compassion, honesty, and demonstrate greater intelligence and creativity.

When we overlay others’ research onto ours, an intriguing picture emerges…

The past may be a man’s world.
But the future of work sure as hell belongs to women!

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