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Your Future Starts Now!

Do not begin 2015 without reading this

What’s next in how you will work?

The predictions for the next few years range from scary as hell (…the robots are coming, the robots are coming!) to nirvana (…technology and great cultures will give us all what we seek and the Millennials will take names and kick butts until it is so).

As part of our ongoing study, Search for a Simpler Way, a team of 20 futurists and I spent the past year studying the future of work. Rather than add to all the hype and hyperventilating about the disruptive changes that will impact and reimagine that future… We studied what it will take to make those disruptive changes work and what truly matters in the future of work.

Here’s the link to download the report.

Below is the two-minute tour.
Our advice: Do not start 2015 without digging into this report!

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Our Leaders Are Holding Back the Future
Most are keeping you locked in 5, 10, 20 years ago.
Actually reducing every company’s capacity because increasing it would mean leaders would have to take on more risks. Because the future means dismantling hierarchies as we know them.

OK. If that’s the given…
The future will not come from pointing our fingers or torches and pitchforks at them. Your future lies in you stepping up: How are YOU going to be an advocate and activitist for changing how leaders lead and changing how companies and work are organized?

Will you leave your job and lead your own company differently? Will you speak the truth to the current power?

How will you take a stand for a better tomorrow?

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Engagement Is So Incomplete, It’s Dangerous
The workforce of the future is changing how we view engagement. Tomorrow’s workforce views companies as vehicles that help deliver their dreams. And currently, most companies stink at that!

OK. If that’s the given…
The future becomes about you changing the rules of how companies define and evaluate engagement. How are YOU going to be an advocate and activitist so that companies start realizing the future of work is about helping people achieve their dreams? Not just visa versa. (Check out the report for detailed suggestions.)

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Ultimately, The Future Is Yours to Create!

Ahhh, but there’s a catch! (Isn’t there always?!) To get the future you want and deserve, you need to be more willing to be more vulnerable.

No more CYA’ing.

No more staying disengaged.

The price for the future is putting yourself out there. Fully. No more holding back. Ever.

Yes, it will be scary on occasion.

Yes, you’ll get shot down sometimes.

But that’s the future’s price of admission.

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