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5 Steps to Doing Epic Shit in 2017

Redefine your niche; So being the best is attainable

Pre-Work: Watch Six Commencement Speeches

Steve Jobs
Jacqueline Novogratz
JK Rowling
Jim Carrey
Jeff Bezos
Neil Gaiman
You will be reminded of timeless truths which will carry you through
your quest to be the best.

Be You: The Amazing You

Movie director Alfred Hitchcock once said “Drama is life with the dull bits
cut out.” The same applies to you being the best in the world. Accentuate
your most wondrous qualities and then amplify them.

Like how…
The Mythbusters guys entertained us with experiments
Richard Saul Wurman launched TED
Salman Khan began reinventing education from his closet
Lenny Bruce, Jon Stewart, and Stephen Colbert showed us new
ways to see ourselves.
Redefining your market niche is you, with the dull bits cut out.

Define Market Needs That You Alone Own

Define a set of market needs, established or new — (no one asked for
the first iPod, but one visionary saw a huge market for it) — so that
you (as envisioned in Step 2) are the perfect match in fulfilling
those needs.
• Market size must be connected to your dreams. (World domination
or best in your neighborhood?)
• Your goals should be tied your skillsets and strengths. (If you’re
tone deaf, it may not be realistic that you’ll be doing epic shit
as a musician.)

Define True Success

Some who do epic shit achieve wealth or fame. Yet most are simply
striving to be the best version of themselves. Define true success
in terms of how much fun you have, or how comfortable and natural
it is to be that way, or what you’ve learned and experienced,
or who you’ve met and spent time with. Being the best you can be
will never be measured by market size or revenues. If those
happen to come your way — great. But true success is an awesome


Steve Jobs once said that “real artists ship.” Meaning: At the
end of the day, your product or service is only epic if you
actually deliver the goods. Great execution matters.

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