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What Is Your State of Grace?

In business teams and in life

From an old stone cottage in the woods of Flat Rock, North Carolina, Maureen McCarthy and Zelle Nelson are making the world a better place — one business, one person at a time.

Have you ever had a relationship — business or personal — go sour? Maureen and Zelle have developed a new way to build, sustain and transition relationships with honor, grace, and respect… Not just during the amazing times, but
especially during times of conflict, disagreement or change.

Then it’s time for you to find and create your state of grace for that relationship!

Explore the Blueprint of We from Maureen and Zelle, and download free
for building your own Blueprint of We.

Rather than solely relying on legal contracts or corporate planning cycles
or boss-subordinate evaluations, a Blueprint of We anticipates the unavoidable
transitions and changes that ultimately take place in life, marriage, business,
or friendship. It begins with the agreed-upon premise that we ultimately want
to be at peace within ourselves and with the other person, even as we
address areas that aren’t so pretty to look at.

Each Blueprint contains 5 parts…
1. The Story of Us: A bulleted list of your teammates’ or partner’s
characteristics you most admire or appreciate.
2. Interaction Styles: How you prefer to communicate and
work things through.
3. Custom Design: Interactions and agreements unique to this
situation or relationship.
4. Questions for Peace and Possibility: Imagine and list the questions
a third-party would ask during situations of conflict. These become your
team’s or partnership’s go-to questions without having to go to others.
5. Short- and Long-Term Timeframes: Resolutions can be different when considering the different timeframes.

The Blueprint’s approach is especially necessary for the way most teams
are formed in today’s work environments — quick to form, quick to disband.
In those situations, knowing how to quickly get back to peace and possibilities
is the difference between success and disaster.

Find your State of Grace!

Check out this worthwhile tool.

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