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Path to Best Manager on the Planet

The key is removing barriers so others can do their best

When speaking, I have two different approaches to my slides:

1. Follow the Best Practice Rules: Big pictures, big headings, no bullets points, etc.
2. Break the Rules: Often, I begin not with the best “presentation” but with the best handouts… I work backwards from handouts that give everyone valuable information, that’s still easily skim-able/readable, and leaves room for additional notes by the participants.

The attached is from one such presentation. Here’s what I share verbally, that accompanies this slide…

Most of us no longer need managers — at least not in the way companies define the role, as in actively managing another person’s activities.

Most of us need mentors, coaches, teachers, guides, facilitators, trouble-shooters, and the like.

But one of the biggest roles for all great managers is also the most neglected.

Most of us need someone to help us with barriers and roadblocks — whatever’s hindering us from doing our best.Great manager you are, if you see that as your role.

If you ask all your teammates these three questions every day.

And, most importantly, that means acting on what you hear! Your job is to help address those barriers so your teammates can be their best.

Best manager on this or any planet, that makes you!

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