Making it easier to do great work. Hacking all things stupid.

Your Biggest, Toughest, Hundreds-of-Times-a-Day Choice

Do you know what it is? Do you know how to choose wisely?

Hundreds of times a day…Easy to guess, right? But not necessarily easy to address!

CATEGORIES: Communication, Future of Work

Choose Diversity of Thought to Innovate

Three wildly different views helped drive a revolution

If you want to win… If you want to innovate… Choose diversity beyond your comfort zone

CATEGORIES: Future of Work, Values

Be an Infectious Optimist, Choose Change

Ted Coiné, Future Strong Hero, tells us how

“Without infectious optimism, few will follow you….Feed yourself with infectious optimism too.”

CATEGORIES: Future of Work, Leadership

Hacking Corporate Stupidity

What I’m Learning from the Lunacy

C’mon, people. It isn’t new or difficult. Everything you need to know and do, you learned in kindergarten.

CATEGORIES: Personal Development, Values

Hacking Your Future Training and Development

Some of It, Difficult. All of It, Powerful!

For the rest of your life, you — not the company nor anyone else — will be responsible for constantly re-assessing yourself.

CATEGORIES: Personal Development, Working Smarter

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