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5 Ways to Simplify Anything

It’s your superpower in a world gone crazy, complex, caca!

You too can be Mr./Ms. Simplicity!

CATEGORIES: Simplicity, Working Smarter

5 Steps to Doing Epic Shit in 2017

Redefine your niche; So being the best is attainable

You can do it. You must do it. The world needs you to do it.

CATEGORIES: Awesomeness, Personal Development

Create an Amazing Future with 2017 Projects

Manage Your Project Portfolio Differently

To succeed in a very disruptive future, you must take more risks

CATEGORIES: Future of Work, Working Smarter

Be Accountable for Igniting Souls and Talent

Troy Barnett, Future Strong Hero, tells us how

“Today, I am accountable for my day. I choose to make it great.”

CATEGORIES:Leadership, Personal Development

Lost Art: How to Give Good Voicemail

Yes, it STILL matters!

Less than 30 seconds… Ideally, 20. Quick. To the point.

CATEGORIES: Communication, Working Smarter

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