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Tracking Your Leap Into the Future

Five things your data told me about your future

How to Disrupt Yourself, Simplified

Using the easy 4:1 approach

How to Design the Life You Want

A snapshot of what matters, and how to achieve it

Your Future Must Be an Adventure

Here’s how to achieve that

Is this Monk Creating Your Future?

Since the ’70s, he’s been running a 21st century org.

We Must Build a Pragmatic Future

It begins with understanding how real work gets done

Don’t wait to get ready for the future. It’s here now.

CATEGORIES:Future of Work, Working Smarter

Your Best Future: Be A Maker

Regain your childlike creativity, regain your future

Don’t wait for “them” to fix things!

CATEGORIES:Change, Future of Work

SenseMaking Is Our Way Out

It begins with unlearning — letting go of what you ‘know’

Don’t wait for leadership. They’re not moving fast enough.

CATEGORIES:Change, Working Smarter

5 Ways to Simplify Anything

It’s your superpower in a world gone crazy, complex, caca!

You too can be Mr./Ms. Simplicity!

CATEGORIES: Simplicity, Working Smarter

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