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How Do You Define Success?

Your must know yours before delivering it for others

What Leadership Looks Like

We had to turn back… Now I know why

How to Design the Life You Want

A snapshot of what matters, and how to achieve it

How to Blow Stuff Up at Work

There’s a method to do so safely

Hack Your Work, Now

Make their systems work for you, not just the company

We Must Build a Pragmatic Future

It begins with understanding how real work gets done

Don’t wait to get ready for the future. It’s here now.

CATEGORIES:Future of Work, Working Smarter

Your Best Future: Be A Maker

Regain your childlike creativity, regain your future

Don’t wait for “them” to fix things!

CATEGORIES:Change, Future of Work

SenseMaking Is Our Way Out

It begins with unlearning — letting go of what you ‘know’

Don’t wait for leadership. They’re not moving fast enough.

CATEGORIES:Change, Working Smarter

5 Ways to Simplify Anything

It’s your superpower in a world gone crazy, complex, caca!

You too can be Mr./Ms. Simplicity!

CATEGORIES: Simplicity, Working Smarter

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